Org Chart Template: Essential Ones for Your Work

Org Chart Template: Essential Ones for Your Work

An org chart illustrates details of an employee within a company. Such relations covering team leaders to team members, directors to managers, chief executive officer to directors from different departments and so on. Normally, an org chart template has three most common frameworks:

  • Hierarchical: It is a type of org chart template where every divisions and element are subordinated to the top entity.
  • Matrix: It is a kind of org chart template with more than one reporting line, and usually in the form of several cross lines.
  • Flat: It is also known as the horizontal type of org chart template. Such types usually with very limited levels of management positions.

There is no single rule for making org charts, all you need to consider first is your specific organizational structure and duty for each role. It is totally up to you to decide where to insert the principal office, department leader or some other elements. Feel free to find more org chart templates below:

Hierarchical Org Chart Template

This one is a typical hierarchical org chart structure. The top position could be a department leader or CEO with the following downside roles acting as sub-workers.

Org Chart Template for business

Matrix Org Chart Template

Here comes the typical matrix org chart framework. You can see several different lines in blue and red colors crossing around the whole diagram. Each sub-division is connected with other departments.

Matrix Org Chart template

Flat Org Chart Template

This is the typical flat or horizontal type of an org chart outline. The CEO is right in the middle of the diagram with the management level positions surrounding around. The junior positions are located at the outside circle.

flat org chart template

Mixed Shapes Org Chart Framework

The diagram shows you a mixture of squares and circles org chart format. In reality, such type is not usually used in org chart but you can have a try.

Org Chart Template for mixed shapes

Circle Org Chart Framework

This one is in a number of circles with different sizes. Again the middle one is the CEO of the organization.

org chart template in circles

More Templates

Company Org Chart for Retail Sector

You may see a retail enterprise org structure just like this. Generally a group of sub-departments representing various business functions like customer service, marketing, human resources and product development.

org chart template for retail sector

How about Public Service Org Charts?

Org charts are not all about business companies, you may also see them in public sector organizations. The example here shows you a general sample outline of a hospital.

org chart template for public sectors

Any Other Types Available?

Yes, like this one here. It has the different layout from all the above charts because you need to read from left to right. This gives you an alternative to show your org structure.

org chart template from left to right order

Where Do All These Org Chart Templates Come From?

Simple visit this site: Org Chart Creator for more details :) Alternatively, simply try this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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