5 Functional Org Chart Templates

5 Functional Org Chart Templates

The functional org chart is a traditional type of org chart many companies adopt. Under this organizational structure, workers are divided into several departments based on expertise and function each person can perform.

Workers are required to get involved in duties within their departments and they have to report to their functional managers only. The functional org chart does not have a project manager role, which differentiates from matrix org chart where employees need to obey orders from both functional managers and project managers if employees are working on some projects. The figures below are some common functional org chart templates.

Template 1. Organizational Chart for Marketing

This one shows a general structure for an organizational marketing department.

vertical org chart

Template 2. Small business company functional org chart.

This chart shows the overall framework for a small company.

Small business company functional org chart template

Template 3. Software company functional org chart.

This one shows you the organizational structure of a software firm.

Functional Org Chart

Template 4. Commercial company functional org chart.

This is a sample for a commercial company based on small-sized scale.

 Comercial company functional org chart

Template 5. Sales department functional org chart.

This one is an example for the sales department from a large-scale enterprise.

Sales department functional org chart

More Templates

How Could I Creat My Own Org Chart Templates?

Easy, just see this simple guide: Org chart creator. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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