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Organizational Chart Example for Food Service — Free Download

Foodservice defines those businesses, institutions, and companies responsible for any meal prepared outside the home. This industry includes restaurants, school and hospital cafeterias, catering operations, and so on. An organizational chart for food service helps you organize and run these restaurants, hospital cafeterias,etc effectively.

A list of organizational chart example for food service will be introduced in this article. You can free download, edit and share them.

Manhattan Academy Elementary Foodservice Organizational Chart

Manhattan Academy Elementary Foodservice Organizational Chart


Organizational Chart for Foodservice Department

Organizational Chart for Foodservice Department


Hospitality Food Beverage Service Organizational Chart

Hospitality Food Beverage Service Organizational Chart


Tips: how to create organizational chart

Creating organizational chart with our Org Chart Creator is very easy. You can get started quickly via choosing an existing organizational chart template and editing it as you need.

open orgchart template


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Uber Organizational Chart Example

Uber Technologies Co.,Ltd is a high technology company, situated in Silicon Valley in America. It is famous for its taxi app Uber, which nearly change the way people travel.  Uber company build a great platform for passengers and drivers to make a deal online ending with the results of lower traffic cost and great convenience.

The picture illustrates how the Uber company is structured. This organizational chart is made with the help of Org Chart Creator. Org Chart Creator is born for organizational chart drawing.

uber organizational chart


















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Restaurant Organizational Chart Example and Their Job Description

To have a better understanding of how a restaurant works, we make a restaurant organizational chart for your reference. As shown in the picture, both bookkeeper and general manager report to the owner.

restaurant organizational chart

The general manager must be proficient in all stations. They are in charge of many things like restaurant performance, recruitment, training, menu design, food cost, environment improvement, financial planning and customer service.  And there are usually 2 Assist. Managers and a Kitchen Manager in a restaurant to follow General Manager’s orders and help to run the restaurant.  One is in charge of management of Servers, Hosts and Bussers and the other Bartenders, and Bar Backs.

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Corporate Organizational Chart with Board of Directors Example

Corporation can have various types of organizational chart but in general, it is comprised of four elements: board of directors, officers, employees, and shareholders or owners. There is no imposed restriction on the position and a worker can be an employee as well as the role of officer, board of director, shareholder or owner simultaneously. Even so, the role and function of each is quite different.

corporate organizational chart with board of directors

Board of Directors’ Role in Corporate Organizational Chart

Board of Directors can be one person or many selected by shareholders to prevent the company from liability and maximize the profit on investment via properly setting mission and plan. Board of Directors does not get involved in the daily operation of company but the whole situation where company is going. They are required to demonstrate success and progress of the company with annual or quarterly reports. Sometimes, Board of Directors is expected to create or revise the company rules so as to regulate the company.


Officers’ Role in Corporate Organizational Chart

Officers are defined as President or CEO, Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer and the Secretary which are appointed by Board of Directors and asked to report to Board of Directors. These people are responsible for management of daily operation of the corporation to achieve profit maximization.


Ordinal Employee’s Role in Corporate Organizational Chart

Ordinal employees are required to report to officers and do specific tasks as officers’ command.


Shareholders’ or Owners’ Role in Corporate Organizational Chart

Shareholders own the corporation partly. They do not take part in daily management and operation of the company but are responsible for voting for corporation’s long-term plan and big events, critical decision-making including appointment or removal of officers,  company law amending, major company changes (mergers, acquisition, sales) and disposition of corporation assets.

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Human Resources Department Organizational Chart Example
Human Resource department plays an important role in a company. This section ensures enough qualified people  to be admitted to company and can also performs well. To some extent, HR department exert a tremendous influence on the profits and prosperity of the whole company. Here is a professional and well-designed HR organizational chart. It’s drawn in Org Chart Creator, a fantastic org chart maker tool.
HR organizational chart

It’s featured with:

Plenty of Ready-made Templates

org chart templates

As you can see in the picture, many types of org chart templates are included in this tool like business photo org chart, city org chart, company org chart, department org chart, finical org chart etc. You don’t want to draw the org chart step by step? It’s ok. Select one of them and edit it to your liking. This way, you can have your org chart finished within seconds.


If you are drawing in all by yourself, the auto-layout function may get the whole work much easier. Just one click and all the elements in the canvas stand in the right place.

org chart


Add Files to Org Chart

Imagine if you are making an org chart with massive information and it’s impossible for you to type all the information into the org chart by hand because it’s so time-consuming. No worrying. Org Chart Creator is going to help you. Click Import and upload file you want to add.
org chart


Various Exported Formats

You can save as many other formats like PDF, PS, EPS, PNG, JPG, Html,SVG. You can also send it as an email directly.
org chart exported
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Tesco Company Organisational Structure Chart Example

Tesco is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise seller company.  It’s headquartered in England. Tesco follows a hierarchical organizational structure. In this structure, positions and obligation are divided into many parts to ensure work will be done efficiently and smoothly. The ones at the top of the business pyramid have the maximum responsibilities and authority.

Tesco Board of Directors consists of 10 members and significant changes take place in the Board during the financial year 2014/2015. These changes include that John Allan is appointed as the Chairman of the Board, Dave Lewis is to be assigned as CEO, Alan Steward is to be the new Chief Financial Officer, four Non-Executive Directors are to retire and here comes the three new Non-Executive Directors.

As it is shown in Figure 1 below, Tesco organisational structure is constructed with five committees reporting to Tesco PLC Board. 11 members in Tesco Executive Committee are led by Group Chief Executive Dave Lewis. Tesco organizational structure chart is highly hierarchical showing its wide business scope.

Tesco organisational structure chartFigure 1. Tesco Corporate Governance Structure chart


The Figure 2 below is an organisational structure chart example at store level. It’s often questioned that four layers of management within a store can generate annoying bureaucracy with a bad effect on coordination and collaboration among managers. So it’s suggested that reducing layers of management must be done as soon as possible to create more flexibility and faster flow of information.

Tesco company organisational structure chart

Figure 2. Tesco organizational structure at store level

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Film Production Organogram Chart Sample

This image is a sample of film production organogram chart from which you can clearly know the construction of a film crew and have a general understand of how the film is produced step by step. This chart is created in Org Chart Creator, a professional tool for org chart drawing. If you are interested, you can download our software and have a try of creating any org chart you like.

It’s pretty easy to use this tool. For more manipulation, go to Customize Organogram Chart Easily.

Film Production Organogram Chart

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Matrix Org Chart Example

Many project-based companies need to apply the matrix organizational structure as they need responsive and effective participation of people from different function units to finish a project.

Here presents a matrix org chart example for an electronic products company.

Matrix Org Chart Example

How to make a matrix org chart?

It’s easy to make a matrix org chart like this one if you have the right tool in hand. Org Chart Creator contains a broad collection of shapes used for making professional organizational charts. Many users love to use it because it’s both easy and fast. Dragging and dropping; auto formatting; and easy costomizing; all the features make org chart creator far way ahead of other programs.

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Creative Org Chart Examples

Various org chart examples coming in creative styles are provided to give your inspirations for making presentation-quality org charts. Unlike traditional organization charts which has a fixed style of matrix blocks, these charts are designed with unique ideas and creativities. They are better for making presentations or other visual purposes.

All these examples are created with one software – Org Chart Creator.

Why org chart creator is able to make different styles of org chart? Here are the reasons:

  • Besides basic org chart card shapes, it also included common diagramming shapes, such as circle, triangle, oval, rectangle, star, cylinder, and so on. Both flat style and highlight style are provided.
  • There are numerous clip arts and symbols available to use. Clip art categories include people outline, people half-length, business, finance, marketing, etc.
  • Great guidance, samples, manuals and videos to help you going smoothly without obstacles.

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custom blank org chart
Creative Org Chart Sales
company org chart creative

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Software Company Org Chart – Unique Style

This software company organizational structure displays with an untraditional and unique design. It’s more suitable for making presentations, showing in meetings or preparing work report.


Org chart creator is not only capable for making regular org chart, it’s also intelligent in making custom designs. It includes a great amount of basic drawing shapes, such as circles, triangles, rectangles, cylinders, stars, and other items, which help design versatile org charts with no effort. Besides, you can choose from hundreds of clip arts to make your org chart more engaging.

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