Organizational Chart Examples

International Criminal Court Org Chart: Structure and Duties Overview

The International Criminal Court (ICC) is not part of the United Nations System, but the court may cooperate with the UN for legal issues. The court was established by the Rome Statute. Currently, ICC is the world’s only permanent court for investigating international crimes of different issues, such as crimes against humanity and more. You can see an overview of the ICC org chart as below:

international criminal court org chart

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UNRWA Org Chart: All U Need to Know about the UN Refugees Agency

UNRWA org chart refers to the institutional framework of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, which is part of the United Nations System. The agency is mainly funded by volunteers from other UN member countries. So far, the services fields of the agency cover from education to emergency assistance. You can see more details from the UNRWA org chart below:

UNRWA org chart

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UNOPS Org Chart: See Inside the UN Project Services Office

The UNOPS org chart shows the overall organizational framework of the United Nations Office for Project Services. The organization mainly focuses on global peace and security, humanitarian and sustainable development issues. Feel free to see more about the divisions in the below chart.

unops org chart

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UNHCR Org Chart: Find out More about the UN Refugee Agency

The UNHCR org chart shows the whole organizational structure of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, which was established in 1950. So far, the office has assisted millions of people who lost their living spaces, but we should keep on seriously considering the refugee topic. You may not know that currently there are still around 65 million people all over the world have no places to settle down, and nearly one-sixth of them are under the age of 18. Learn more about the organization now by clicking on the UNHCR org chart below:

unhcr org chart

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UNCTAD Org Chart: The Unique Trade and Development Division

The UNCTAD org chart shows the overall organizational framework of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. The organization helps improve globalization based on international trade activities, especially in developing countries. Furthermore, UNCTAD carries out a series of researches and analysis to handle global financial and economic issues. To see more details of the organization, you can hit on the org chart below.

unctad org chart

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UNSSC Org Chart: Essential Details of the UN Staff College

The UNSSC org chart shows the organizational framework of the United Nations System Staff College. The key mission of the College is to build an effective and well-organized UN system with professional training and learning programmes. So far, the College has carried out a wide range of training courses include leadership development, functional competencies, technical knowledge and some other related topics. All of these programmes are held in different forms like distance-learning, seminars, and interviews etc. Check out more about the structure details from the below org chart:

unssc org chart

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UNITAR Org Chart: Do U Know the UN Training and Research Institute

The UNITAR org chart means the organizational framework of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. The institute is the key training department of the UN system for diplomatic training, such as the training programmes for government officials. So far, many developing countries have been benefited from the training and skills activities in a wide subject area like Peace, People and Social issues, Planet and Environment, the use of technology, sustainable economic growth and more. Feel free to find out more about UNITAR based on the org chart below.

unitar org chart

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UNIDIR Org Chart: See the UN Disarmament Research Institute

The UNIDIR org chart means the organizational structure of the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research. The institute is a voluntarily funded organization of the United Nations (UN) with the main focus on providing solutions and suggestions on worldwide disarmament and security problems. The current headquarter of the organization is in Geneva. You can see more from the UNIDIR org chart below:

unidir org chart

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United Nations University Org Chart Overview with Key Facts

The United Nations University (UNU) is a worldwide organization that belongs to the United Nations (UN). UNU aims to offer professional postgraduate courses and train staff to contribute research and education activities. Some other major concerns of the organization include human survival, welfare development in global areas and so on. Therefore, the United Nations University usually cooperates with world top universities in different member countries. You can see more by hitting on the UNU org chart below:

united nations university org chart

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UNICEF Org Chart: How Does the United Nations Children’s Fund Work

The UNICEF org chart shows the overall organizational structure of the United Nations Children’s Fund, which is a sub-department of the United Nations (UN). So far, UNICEF does programmes in nearly 200 countries and worldwide locations with the main aim of protecting the rights of children and their families. Specific protection topics including safe shelter, nutrition, prevent disaster and conflicts etc. You can see more insights of the UNICEF org chart as clicking on the diagram below:

unicef org chart

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