UNITAR Org Chart: Do U Know the UN Training and Research Institute

UNITAR Org Chart: Do U Know the UN Training and Research Institute

The UNITAR org chart means the organizational framework of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research. The institute is the key training department of the UN system for diplomatic training, such as the training programmes for government officials. So far, many developing countries have been benefited from the training and skills activities in a wide subject area like Peace, People and Social issues, Planet and Environment, the use of technology, sustainable economic growth and more. Feel free to find out more about UNITAR based on the org chart below.

unitar org chart

UNITAR Key Divisions and their Functions

The institute is managed by a Board of Trustees and an Executive Director. Besides, there are in total 8 sub-divisions in the organization with a large number of international and functional units.

The Board of Trustees

This part manages formal principles and regulations in order to lead the daily activities and official programmes of the UNITAR. Some other important duties of the Board include monitoring the financing and budget performance, checking the staffing structure and statutory functions etc. Currently, there are one Chair Office and 11 supportive members, who are selected by the UN Secretary-General, in the Board of Trustees.

The UNITAR Executive Director

Mr. Nikhil is the current Director of the Institute. He leads a number of secretariats in small island developing countries. The Director also cooperates with other related UN parties for engagement and intergovernmental communications agenda.

He has a rich working experience in the UN System, such as the UN Secretariat in New York, the Special Assistant of the Economic and Social Affairs, the Secretary of the Economic and Social Council, and the committee member of the UN General Assembly. Moreover, he has joined a lot of UN programmes, like the World Summit on Sustainable Development, the Monterrey Conference on Financing for Development, and the Copenhagen Summit on Social Development.

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