UNICEF Org Chart: How Does the United Nations Children’s Fund Work

UNICEF Org Chart: How Does the United Nations Children’s Fund Work

The UNICEF org chart shows the overall organizational structure of the United Nations Children’s Fund, which is a sub-department of the United Nations (UN). So far, UNICEF does programmes in nearly 200 countries and worldwide locations with the main aim of protecting the rights of children and their families. Specific protection topics including safe shelter, nutrition, prevent disaster and conflicts etc. You can see more insights of the UNICEF org chart as clicking on the diagram below:

unicef org chart

UNICEF Org Key Divisions and Offices

The organization has 17 functional sub-divisions covering a wide range of topics such as the Global Shared Services Center, the Early Childhood Development Division, the Gender and Development Office, and the Child Protection Programme office etc.

The Executive Office

The Leading Office is formed by one Executive Director, four Deputy Executive Directors and one Chief of Staff. The Executive Director works with programmes and issues about economic development, education, health, humanitarian and disaster protection. The Chief of Staff mainly deals with tasks like programme management, resource management, emergency solutions and business partnerships. Besides, the Deputy Directors usually works with global public sectors or private agencies to build a sustainable and affordable environment for children.

Regional Offices

UNICEF org currently has in total seven regional offices in worldwide areas, and many of the regional officers have rich experience in handling children issues. For example, the Regional Director for Eastern and Southern Africa Ms. Leila has worked for the UNICEF for over 15 years, and she is in charge of monitoring and guiding more than 20 member countries in Africa. Furthermore, Leila also cooperates with domestic governments and civil societies for humanitarian projects.

Global Shared Services Center

The Center was established to improve operational efficiency for the whole UNICEF based on the management of international staff team from different functional departments such as human resources, administration, finance, information technology and more. Some real-time examples of the innovative programmes covering the establishment of the Enterprise Resource Planning system.

Education Division

The Director of this division of the UNICEF org works with the international network staff team to enhance the education agenda. Some of the related areas and subjects including early learning, gender development, education for disabled children and so on. The Director also joined some other global parties and funds in developing education quality.

Where Should I Begin to Create an UNICEF Org Chart?

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