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FBI Org Chart: Uncover the Mysterious Word of Investigation

FBI Org Chart: What Do We Know about It?

The FBI org chart reflects the organizational framework of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the U.S. government. It is an intelligence, security and dominant federal law enforcement department. Currently, FBI belongs to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). The key duties of FBI are to manage and justice over hundreds of federal crimes issues and criminal investigations. Here you can see an example of the FBI org chart.

fbi org chart example

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CIA Org Chart: Unknown Facts about Central Intelligence Agency

CIA Org Chart: Background Information

The CIA org chart shows the overall institutional structure for the America  Central Intelligence Agency. You may have already heard about the agency quite a lot of times especially from Hollywood movies. In reality, CIA mainly offers civilian foreign intelligence support for the U.S. federal government. It deals with a wide range of security issues and activities, such as human intelligence system. Feel free to check more info from the CIA org chart example below.

cia org chart template

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SDOT Org Chart: Explore the Seattle Department of Transportation

SDOT Org Chart: Basic Concept

The SDOT org chart represents the organizational structure of the Seattle Department of Transportation. The key mission of SDOT is to offer advanced transportation services for Seattle city. In Seattle, around one-fourth of the land has streets, sidewalks, and some other public roadways. The trend of using public space in the city seems to grow continuously. Therefore, SDOT is always looking for the most effective solutions for networking citizens, places and buildings. Here you can see a diagram example of SDOT org chart.

sdot org chart

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HHSC Org Chart: Learn More About Health & Human Services System

HHSC Org Chart: Concept Explanation

Normally, the HHSC org chart refers to the institutional structure of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The organization is part of the Texas state health sector in the U.S.A. HHSC checks and monitors any issues regarding public health and human medical care. So far, HHSC has a total number of staff that is over 9,000. Below you can see an example of the HHSC org chart.

hhsc org chart example

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FEMA Org Chart: Federal Insurance & Mitigation Admin

FEMA Org Chart: Department Profile

The FEMA org chart presents the organizational structure for the America Federal Emergency Management Agency. The institution belongs to the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The main purpose of FEMA is to allocate public resources and coordinate the response to natural disasters in the U.S.A. For every single emergency event, a state of emergency must be declared by the department leader for the federal government respond to the disaster. You can see a FEMA org chart example below:

fema org chart example

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USDA Org Chart: United States Department of Agriculture

USDA Org Chart: What Is the Department About?

The full name of a USDA org chart is the United States Department of Agriculture. Daily tasks of USDA is to offer leadership on food, carrying out research on natural resources, strengthening rural development, and some other related issues. In the future, the department aims to improve economic growth as well as helping rural areas to sale agriculture products. What’s more, the general process for USDA to preserve natural resources include monitoring the overall environmental system. Here you can check an example of the USDA org chart.

usda org chart template

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DOE Org Chart: Looking Into the America Department of Energy

DOE Org Chart: Basic Ideas

The Doe org chart reflects the structure of the United States Department of Energy, which is a Cabinet-level governmental division of the U.S.A. DOE targets on the policies about energy and safety especially for nuclear material. Main duties of the department include managing national nuclear weapons projects, monitoring nuclear material production, development for energy subjects and so on. Here you can see one of the examples of a DOE org chart.

doe org chart

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OSD Org Chart: Learning More about the U.S. Defense Agencies

OSD Org Chart: Background Info.

The OSD org chart normally shows the structure of the Office of the Secretary of Defense. The department is the principal staff element of the Secretary of Defense. So far, OSD has done lots of work for policy development, planning, and resourcing, and some other projects evaluation duties. An example of the OSD org chart is shown below:

osd org chart

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NNSA Org Chart: Details of National Nuclear Security Admin

NNSA Org Chart: Basic Concepts

The NNSA org chart shows the organizational framework of the National Nuclear Security Administration, which is a semi-autonomous agency within the U.S. Department of Energy. Main tasks of NNSA is to improve domestic security by military uses of nuclear energy in the U.S.A.  Some other duties including decreasing the global threat from terrorism as well as the management of weapons. Here you can see an example of the NNSA org chart.

nnsa org chart example

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NOAA Org Chart: Check the National Oceanic Admin

NOAA Org Chart: What Do You Know about the Department?

The NOAA org chart normally refers to the institutional framework of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The organization is an American scientific agency that analyzing data from the oceans and the atmosphere. Generally, NOAA releases detailed reports regularly regarding weather, seas, ocean and coastal resources. The history of NOAA has nearly 50 years. Currently, NOAA has over 10,000 employees in around 300 uniformed service sub-divisions. Here you can see an example of the NOAA org chart.

noaa org chart

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