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Org Chart Creator – Essential Features & Skills for Your Projects

If you work in the HR team and wanna to make an organizational chart for your company, how would you do it? How to make a quality org chart that is visually appealing? Where should you start? The best way seems to use an effective org chart creator to solve all problems in just seconds.

Here we highly recommended the full-featured Edraw Org Chart Creator for you. It has advanced tools, quick start templates and has continuously upgraded for decades.

org chart creator interface

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What’s an Org Chart?

An org chart graphically depicts the internal structure and hierarchies of an organization. It enables one to visualize the roles, relative ranks and the relationships between individuals. It’s also called organizational chart or organigram.

What does it look like?

Org charts usually use the inverted tree structure, with small boxes representing employees and lines connecting the boxes.   The boxes will be filled with staff information such as their name, department, position, etc. The horizontal lines connect employees with the same level, and the vertical lines indicate the reporting relationship between a superior and the subordinate.

What to include on an org chart?

An organizational chart can be used to show the structure of an organization as a whole or broken down by division or unit. It will include information on the individuals, which you may add their basic information such as name, age, position, department, team, and photo, depending on your own requirements.

What's an Org Chart?

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