What is Functional Org Chart

What is Functional Org Chart

Functional Org Chart Baic Concept

The functional org chart is a very common organizational structure that many companies follow, which is supposed to divide people into several departments according to peoples’ specialties and function they perform in the company. Persons with rich experience and profession would be appointed as department manager authorized to be totally responsible for department’s affair such as training, the task allocating and promotion.

What is Functional Org Chart

Each department has its own assignment and stays independently and a functional manager is expected to report to the top manager. Usually, there is no project manager in this kind of organizational structure while some matrix org charts have project managers definitely. The functional org chart is suitable for companies which have daily operation work and standard procedures such as manufacturing and production industries. The figure below is an example of a functional org chart.

Functional Org Chart Examples & Templates

Public Sector Org Chart – United Nation


Large Scale Enterprise Org Chart – IBM Org Chart


Startup Org Chart Template – Product-based Tech. Startup


Wondering How to Create a Functional Org Chart?

Simply try the Org chart creator with more clip art and templates. Alternatively, you can try the easy org chart creator for more advanced HR management functions.

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