Ad Agency Organizational Chart – Introduction and Example

Ad Agency Organizational Chart – Introduction and Example

The main function of an advertising agency is the promotion of goods, service, companies, and ideas by using creative strategies. An ad agency is generally independent of the client and provides an outside point of view for the client’s products or services.

Common Functional Departments of a Typical Ad Agency

As you can see a series of divisions such as accounting, marketing, administration, advertising, customer service and more in the following org chart.

ad agency org chart


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The account services team normally contacts with clients and cooperates with the agency’s creative and media teams. The main purpose of doing so is to develop the advertising strategy, approve the selection of media to place the advertisement, and oversee the budget.

Corporation Org Chart Finance


Marketing service takes charge of collecting market data, doing research and analysis, and exploring potential customers. The data will be used by the account services team to develop the strategy. The creative team will also build any new ideas based on the data from the marketing team.


The advertising department is made up of creative services and production services. Creative services are accountable for developing ideas based on specific media. It is composed of writers and directors. The production services are responsible for turning the ideas from creative elements into real-life products. A typical production is generally divided into two divisions – press production and broadcast production. Press production is mainly about newspapers, magazines, billboards, and online publications. The broadcast part primarily deals with radios and films.


Administration department is made up of human resources division, financial division, and office management division. The main responsibilities are making the budget, implementing financial policies, managing personnel and coordinating office affairs.

Customer Service

Customer service department is responsible to solve customer issues including inquiry and complaint. The department might be merged with other sub-divisions within the company.

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