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Org Chart Template: Essential Ones for Your Work

An org chart illustrates details between employee within a company. Such relations covering team leaders to team members, directors to managers, chief executive officer to directors from different departments and so on. Normally, a org chart template has three most common frameworks:

  • Hierarchical: It is a type of org chart template where every divisions and elements are subordinated to the top entity.
  • Matrix: It is a kind of org chart template with more than one reporting line, and usually in the form of several cross lines.
  • Flat: It is also known as the horizontal type of org chart template. Such types usually with very limited levels of management positions.

There is no single rule for making org charts, all you need to consider first is your specific organizational structure and duty for each role. It is totally up to you to decide where to insert the principal office, department leader or some other elements. Feel free to find more org chart templates below:

Hierarchical Org Chart Template

This one is a typical hierarchical org chart structure. The top position could be a department leader or CEO with the following downside roles acting as sub-workers.

Org Chart Template for business

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Org Chart with Pictures: Why Do You Need Them

An organizational chart shows the dominant and significant divisions of an organization. It is widely used in business industry and public service sector. In reality some firms choose to omit using an org chart with pictures. This could leads to low productivity since an org chart with pictures can show much more than just highlighting the hierarchical relations of employees.

org chart with pictures for marketing division

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Dropbox Business Org Chart: Check the Magic Figures

Dropbox Business Org Chart: Brief Background

Dropbox business org chart refers to the organizational structure of the world well-known enterprise Dropbox. The company mainly offers file hosting service, cloud sharing, could storage tools and also applications for Windows, Apple and Linux users. Dropbox was set up in 2007 by two MIT graduates Drew and Arash. Now the company has over 510 million users and it is one of the top valuable technology startups in the USA. On the other hand, Dropbox got negative feedback in terms of security and privacy issues.

Dropbox business org chart

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EPA Org Chart Examples: Editable and Free to Download

EPA Org Chart: What Does It Refers to

An EPA org chart represents for the organizational chart of the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is an agency of the America federal government. The main purpose  and duties of EPA is to protect and enforcing national standards of environment by various rules. President Richard Nixon proposed the set-up of EPA in the 1970’s. The House and Senate manages the order of EPA.

The headquarter of EPA is in Washington, D.C. The agency operates environmental issues including assessment, research, and education areas. In 2017 Trump proposed a considerable decrease in the overall budget of EPA. Such movement may further reduce around a quarter of the agency jobs. Here you can see an overview of the EPA org chart.

epa org chart overview

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Facebook Organizational Structure: Check the Big Figure

Facebook is an online social media and social networking service enterprise located in Menlo Park, California, the USA. The founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard College student. At the beginning Facebook website was only limited to Harvard students, then for the following years it became a worldwide social-networking website. The name of Facebook comes from the face book directories.

Facebook Organizational Structure

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IT Org Chart Templates: Essential Parts to Check

IT Org Chart: What It Is About

If you are the owner of an information technology company, you may wondering how to quickly create an overall organizational structure for your team. Such org chart are quite useful to divide tasks, specify the job for individual department and assign project leaders. Effective IT org chart will significantly increase work productivity. Normally you need some important tricks to create your own IT org chart, and here you can see details about how to achieve this.

Basically an typical IT org chart can be segmented into the following divisions: administration level; network team; information security team and operations support team.

IT Org Chart Template

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Introducing the Newest Visio Org Chart Alternatives

The org chart is a kind of diagram reflecting the graphic relationships between different business departments. The most important value of such diagram is the visual presentations of a complete organization. Normally, org charts include the following three categories: hierarchical, horizontal and matrix. Nowadays there is plenty of org chart creators in the market and some of them are really good alternatives for Visio org chart software. Let’s have a look.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a quite good Visio org chart alternative and have innovated an even more efficient and convenient way of creating org chart.  The creating process is fully automated by the auto-layout tool and action buttons. The rich preset templates and symbols are ready for you to start any org chart types. The tutorial guide and video are also informative for beginning users. However, one thing that needs to be improved is the searching tool of the Libraries.

Visio Org Chart Alternatives edraw max interface

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Google Org Chart Alternatives: 5 Most Popular Names

An organization chart is a diagram that shows a relationship hierarchy. In reality org charts are used for showing the corporate framework of a organization. Org charts have a variety of practical applications. Here you can see the top 5 recommendations for most efficient google org chart alternatives.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a popular Google org chart alternatives for multi-platforms purposes. The software is the optimal choice for its ready-to-use organizational chart templates and smart symbols. You can import data from your local files within just few clicks. The point-and-click editor is also quite useful for large scale organizational trees. One thing that needs to be improved is the searching tool of the Libraries.

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Powerpoint Org Chart Alternatives: Way to End Low Productivity

Wanna check some good choices for Powerpoint Org Chart alternatives? Confusing about which fits your needs best? Simply go through this article for more info about top powerpoint org chart alternatives.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a good powerpoint org chart alternative that can be used on all the three operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a great visualization software to create org chart diagrams for small to large scale enterprises. The dashboard is similar with Microsoft that helps users get started conveniently. The software also has rich preset org chart symbols and templates and users can edit all of these elements based on their own preference. One of the weak points for the software is its searching tool of the Libraries does not work well sometimes.

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Excel Org Chart Alternatives: Best Picks for Organizations

Wondering your choices of a professional and easy-to-use excel org chart alternative? Has lots of names in mind but not sure how to choose? Simply check this article for the 5 recommended excel org chart alternatives in details.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a good excel org chart alternative that can be used with Microsoft. Its similar dashboard with Microsoft helps users get started quickly. The software has abundant preset org chart shapes, icons, symbols, marks and templates for users to edit. What’s more, Edraw Max supports exporting org charts in various file formats which enables users to share their charts with just one button.

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