ECLAC Org Chart: All You Need to Know

ECLAC Org Chart: All You Need to Know

The ECLAC org chart refers to the organizational structure of the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America. It is one of the subdivisions of the UN Economic and Social Council. The countries of the Caribbean were later joined in 1984 and the headquarter is now in Chile. The main work duty of the organization is to improve the economic development of Latin America areas by building effective communications between member countries. Feel free to find out more details by hitting on the ECLAC org chart below:

ECLAC org chart

Significant ECLAC Org Departments

Economic Development

This organ aims to strengthen equitable growth in the long-term based on effective financial resources management in the Latin American and Caribbean locations. A series of actions are planned to undertake the goal: the policy-making of macroeconomic reforms; the analysis of economic sustainability and equity in regional areas; and the intergovernmental assistance of the implementation of economic policies.

Social Development

This section in the ECLAC org chart mainly works on the development of integral human issues, such as the analysis of specific groups of populations, in Latin America and the Caribbean areas. More related programs include the study of governmental investment of social policies, the influence on the decision-making process in different Latin America countries, and some training scheme for professionals in the Latin America organizations.

Natural Resources and Infrastructure

This subdivision mainly focuses on improving competitiveness as well as productivity for economic and social development based on natural resources and infrastructure management. Therefore, domestic residents would find more convenient public utility services in their regional areas.


The statistics team in the ECLAC org chart offers accurate and timely statistical information for the evaluation of economic, social and environmental programs in the region. Some other important duties of the team include offering advisory and technical support; facilitating horizontal cooperations and undertaking methodologies.

Subsidiary Bodies

These bodies are mainly established for examing different public policy topics, facilitating communications between member countries and so on.

How to Draw the ECLAC Org Chart?

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