Economic Commission for Africa Org Chart: Great Insights

Economic Commission for Africa Org Chart: Great Insights

The Economic Commission for Africa ECA was set up by the Economic and Social Council of the UN organization. The commission is one of the United Nations’s dominant regional departments. The key purpose of ECA is to improve the economic and social development and integrations of member countries in Africa. Currently, there are over 50 members in the commission. You can find out more details of the Economic Commission for Africa org by checking out the below chart.

economic commission for africa org chart

Economic Commission for Africa Key Organs

Office of the Executive Secretary

The Executive Office mainly offers leadership in a wide range of topics like strategic planning, goal setting, programme management, cooperation and mobilization, knowledge management, international communications within the overall ECA, general daily administrative duties, quarterly reviews and reports of project implementations, financial management and more.

Supporting Management Forums

This part of the Economic Commission for Africa contains three main divisions and six sub-teams. The Senior Management Team handles the policy-making process for open meetings. The Executive Committee mainly assists the Senior Management Team in the field of strategic planning, finance and risk management issues, human resources management and so on.

The six Management Supporting Committees are established with focuses on the management of extrabudgetary resources, the knowledge management strategy, the development of IT policy and services, the implementation of annual meetings and events.

Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Monitoring and Evaluation

This section offers continuous assistance to the overall ECA in technical cooperation projects, policy planning and coordination, programme monitoring and evaluation, and budget management. Furthermore, project guidelines and formal program process are developed according to professional management tools and models.

Which Resources Should I Use for Designing the ECA Org Chart?

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