IAEA Org Chart: See More About the International Atomic Energy Agency

IAEA Org Chart: See More About the International Atomic Energy Agency

The IAEA org chart shows the organizational structure of the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is an UN organization for global atomic peace and the agency plays the central role in the international nuclear field. Meanwhile, the Agency cooperates with other national parties or United Nations departments for better development of the global nuclear technology. You can see more by clicking on the IAEA org chart below:

IAEA Org chart

 IAEA Organizational Structure – Key Organs

The Director General

The General Office has five sub-divisions in total with the main aim of effectively performing statutory responsibilities, offering general and legal policies and strategies, assisting the overall IAEA org to undertake governance, building a good internal relationship within the Agency and so on.

Department of Management

This division offers a well-structured system for productive solutions of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s scientific and technical projects and issues, which may cover many subjects and topics like human resource management, financial management, information technology, administrative works and more.

Department of Technical Cooperation

This IAEA org department mainly in charges of development mandate in order to improve tangible socioeconomic factors, and to address the most significant sustainable development issues at both international and regional levels.

Departments of Nuclear Energy Related

All of these Nuclear issues related sections are to promote sustainable nuclear energy development by offering technical support on the nuclear facilities and establishing effective energy planning framework for professional knowledge management and the study of ionizing radiation. Furthermore, these sub-departments of the International Atomic Energy Agency may also cooperate with academic institutions and research centers for analysis purposes.

Department of Safeguards

This department of IAEA org acts as the international nuclear inspectorate by stopping the spread of nuclear weapons and contributing the nuclear disarmament.

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