DTRA Org Chart: Details of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DTRA Org Chart: Details of the US Defense Threat Reduction Agency

A DTRA org chart usually refers to the American Defense Threat Reduction Agency, which belongs to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). The Agency focuses on the weapons of mass destruction (CWMD), the reduction of threat and technology development. The Research & Development sub-department contains the majority of DTRA programs, like chemical biological subjects, science data analysis, Test Science Technology and so on. Besides, DTRA assists the Secretary of Defense for different science programs. You can see a current version of the DTRA org chart example as below.

dtra org chart

DTRA Org Chart: Leading Positions

Along with the important Research & Development sub-vision, you can also see a number of other key roles in the DTRA org chart.

Senior Executive Service Director

The Director has quite rich experience in the national security fields in terms of policy-making, strategic planning. Main duties of the Director include improving the National Biodefense Strategy and setting plans to protect foreign civilian populations. So far, the Director has approved several millions of U.S. dollars for advanced technology projects.

Vice Directors

There are two Vice Directors roles in the DTRA org chart for different responsibilities: planning programs and integrating Missions. The Leader for the former part serves a wide range of fields, such as the national nuclear defense assignments, health physics projects, combat services, Civil Support and some other relevant environmental sciences issues. The Vice Director for the latter part mainly oversees the planning efforts of integration that cover over thousands of international military personnel.

Command Senior Enlisted Leader

This role is mainly for the daily operations of the cyber and communications systems for the U.S. Army. Professional skills and working experience in computer security and network projects are essential for the position.

Wondering How to Create a DTRA Org Chart?

Simply see the quick Org chart creator guide for more information. Or you can try this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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