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Org Chart Tool: The Latest Fast Growing Choice for Your Team

An effective org chart tool would bring much convenience to both business and non-profit organizations. Certainly, every human resources manager is thinking about how to make a visually appealing org chart easily. Now we gonna check out the latest top recommended budget-free org chart tool by the Edraw software team.

Top Org Chart Tool Edraw Max

System Requirements: Mac OS; Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix; Linux Packages

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DOI Org Chart: Find out More about American Interior Services

The DOI org chart normally refers to the U.S. Department of the Interior. The main duty of the organization is to protect and manages various natural resources and cultural heritage in the U.S.A. You can quickly check out the overall structure of DOI as the following DOI org chart.

doi org chart

The service groups of DOI cover from American Indians to affiliated island communities. So far, the agency has over 70,000 staff and nearly 300,000 volunteers include scientists and natural resources researchers. Furthermore, every year DOI raises billions of U.S. dollars from other American federal government agencies.

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Free Org Chart Software: The Must Know Checklist for All Business

A handy and professional org chart software would benefit your business a lot. Let’s check out together some of the top recommended free org chart software names for all scales of business firms.

Edraw Max (for Windows, Mac, and Linux)

Edraw Max is an easy-to-use free org chart software with many editable options and features. Users can benefit from the innovative interface; the rich vector-based org chart elements; the auto-formatting tool to generate your org charts from external files and more. Furthermore, you can export files in many different formats such as MS Office, PDF, SVG and so on.

Free Org Chart Software Edraw Max

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SSA Org Chart: Check out the Insights of Social Security Admin

The SSA org chart means the organizational structure of the United States Social Security Administration. It is an independent federal agency that aims to manage a wide range of aspects in social security such as social insurance, retirement, disability, and more. So far, the agency has a history of over one thousand years. You can quickly go through the outline of the SSA org chart below.

ssa org chart

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USPS Org Chart: Key Positions of the Postal Service

The USPS Org chart refers to the United States Postal Service agency. It is an independent federal department responsible for offering nationwide postal services. The mail service of the American government has a quite long history since three hundred years ago. The very first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin, who created the U.S. Post Office Department. Now USPS agency has over 600,000 staff from all over the American states and local offices. Feel free to check the following USPS org chart for more details.

usps org chart example

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NSA Org Chart: Detailed Structure of the National Security Agency

The NSA org chart shows the overall organizational structure for the National Security Agency of the United States Department of Defense (DoD). NSA is controlled by the Director of National Intelligence. The main duties of NSA are to manage global monitoring and processing of information for overseas intelligence uses. Currently, the most significant study issue of NSA is signals intelligence (SIGINT). Furthermore, in reality, NSA often cooperates with many other network and information agencies in the U.S.A for security missions. Feel free to click the NSA org chart below for more details.

nsa org chart

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Nonprofit Org Chart: Definition & Key Points

What Is a Nonprofit Org Chart?

A nonprofit org chart shows the organizational structure for a nonprofit institution (NOP).  In reality, NOP parties are normally not driven by business profit, and such types are often used for trusts, cooperatives, charity and religious groups.

Nonprofit Org Chart Normal Structures

Here comes a template for a nonprofit organization. Overall, the sub-departments are in a similar pattern with profit organizational structures because you can clearly see the sections for Human Resources, Marketing, and development etc. However, there is a Fundraising Committee in the diagram below, which is different from commercial organizations.

nonprofit org chart template

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Hierarchical Organizations: All You Need to Know

What Are Hierarchical Organizations

The hierarchical org chart is one of the three dominant org chart categories (the other two are flat and matrix types).  It is a kind of org chart that mainly shows the subordinated relationship with every single sub-department to the top entity. Normally, hierarchical organizations can be used in public sectors, business enterprises, or some other non-profit organizations.

Hierarchical Organizations for Business Uses

Large-scale Enterprises

The majority of firms in the world follow a pattern of the hierarchical framework. Feel free to check the IBM org chart below for an overall glance of the company. Usually, such hierarchical organizations may have a Board of Directors, many departments with a series of subdivisions, or a separate and independent department for more purposes, like advanced research and development projects.

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NSF Org Chart: Check the U.S. National Science Foundation

NSF org chart shows the institutional structure of the U.S. National Science Foundation. It is an independent federal government agency established several decades ago. NSF works on a wide range of science topics, such as the development of national health, the research program about social science, mathematics, computer science and so on. So far, the agency has supported a large number of American academic institutions. Feel free to see the details of the agency by clicking on the NSF org chart below:

nsf org chart

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MDA Org Chart: See What the U.S. Missile Defense Agency Can Do

The MDA org chart refers to the Missile Defense Agency of the American government. It is part of the Department of Defense (DoD). MDA is mainly responsible for the development of several ballistic missile defenses (BMD) systems. Besides, MDA continues to support basic research in physics, advanced materials, and many other sciences and engineering topics. Feel free to click on the MDA org chart below for more info.

mda org chart

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