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Types of Organizational Structure: Most Essential Ones for Your Business

Why We Need Different Types of Organizational Structure?

There may many answers to the question of how to successfully promote a brand, but effective types of organizational structure are the very basic determinants of such successes. A company with a well-structured framework would have a higher level of clarity and focus in terms of leadership, teamwork, and authority.

Most Essential Types of Organizational Structure

In reality, every business organization from a startup to the international enterprise has a specific organizational structure, but all of such types of organizational structure can be summarized as the following main formal categories. Each of them has both benefits and drawbacks, and may only work at sometimes depending on your company goals, organizational culture, salary structure and so on.


This type is also known as the bureaucratic organizational structure, which is mainly based on the specialty such as sales, finance, marketing teams and more. Each division has a manager or leader who oversees the overall department.

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Top 5 Essential Organizational Chart Templates for Public Sectors

Organizational charts as a productive way of showing well-structured enterprises may also be used in public sectors: healthcare institutions, urban infrastructure departments, academic organizations or other non-profit agencies. Here we gonna see the top 5 organizational chart templates for the uses in public sectors. Feel free to click any of them to see more details.

Organizational Chart Templates – Hospitals

This template here shows a general structure of the public hospital with a series of key departments: the therapeutic service center, the diagnostic service center, the nursing center, the facilities center and the clinical center etc.

Organizational Chart Templates - Hospitals

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Org Chart Template Visio Alternatives: Key HRM Figures Included

Enjoy all of these great fully editable org chart template Visio alternatives to business and public services uses by clicking on them. Besides stylish org chart creations, you can explore more effective settings for human resources management like employee performance rating, salaries, FLSA Counts, employee details etc.

Org Chart Template Visio Alternative to Enterprise Framework

Here shows an overall pattern of a typical large-scale firm. You can easily notice the hierarchical organizational structure based on different key departments along with the names and titles of employees.

Org Chart Template Visio Alternative to Enterprise

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The Non Hierarchical Organization: Advantages and How to Choose

An org chart shows an enterprise’s workflow and authority structure. Normally, organizations in the world can be categorized into hierarchical and non hierarchical ones. The hierarchical org chart type accounts for the majority of the worldwide corporate framework of business organizations, while a non hierarchical organization has fewer centralized authority with fewer management levels.

In the following example of a technology startup, each member in their own department has equal authority and power. Moreover, one member is selected from each department to collect and share info with other departments.

Non Hierarchical Organization chart example

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Visio Organogram Alternative: Check out the Fast-developing Competitor

Microsoft Visio is great for different kinds of diagram or charts creations include org charts. On the other hand, the price is indeed not budget especially for a single user. Here we gonna introduce you a good Visio organogram alternative for even better user experiences. You may ask: ‘Should I be a professional designer to do jobs with this tool?’ The answer is a ‘NO’ and I will show you why.

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Interactive Org Chart Software: Free Download Choice for You

What Is an Interactive Org Chart Software? Why Use It?

An interactive org chart software would bring more convenience to your organizations compared to traditional org chart software. In general, interactive org charts have more details for HR managers, for example, set different profile options for staff and so on. Therefore, no matter whether you are new to a company, or works in the HR department, interactive org charts would save you much time. Below is the user interface of one example of the interactive org chart creators. You can clearly see many preset editable symbols in the left-side library.

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NIH Organizational Chart: More about the U.S. National Health Institute

The NIH organizational chart refers to the organizational structure of the U.S. National Institutes of Health. It belongs to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The key missions of NIH are to look for basic knowledge about the nature and behavior of living systems in order to improve national health and prevent illness. You can find out more details of the NIH organizational chart by clicking on the chart below.

NIH organizational chart

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OPM Org Chart: The U.S. Office of Personnel Management

The OPM org chart refers to the organizational structure of the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. The Office is the leading federal agency for human resources and personnel policy management. The main aim of the agency is to assist the national workforce to achieve their goals and benefits. Some other important services of the agency include employee management, officers retirement policies, the national healthcare and insurance system and so on. Feel free to check out the overall framework of the agency in the below OPM org chart.

opm org chart

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Org Chart Builder: Budget and Innovative Options

Human managers or business owners are always looking for a productive and easy-to-use org chart builder. So where to find these visually attractive tools? Don’t worry, today let’s check out some of the best-recommended ones.

Edraw Max

The org chart builder has many built-in materials include templates, examples, symbols, and marks etc. It also has lots of personalized options: diagram theme, color, layout types and so on. The software is overall easy to operate based on drag-and-drop features and vector-based elements. Besides, you can quickly replace employee photo and create org charts according to external excel conveniently.

Org Chart Builder edraw

Free Download Now

Features: Rich resources; Various auto-create options; Good compatibility
Prices:Free Trial Available; Up to $9 /month/user. Non-profit discount available.
Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Org Chart Tool: The Latest Fast Growing Choice for Your Team

An effective org chart tool would bring much convenience to both business and non-profit organizations. Certainly, every human resources manager is thinking about how to make a visually appealing org chart easily. Now we gonna check out the latest top recommended budget-free org chart tool by the Edraw software team.

Top Org Chart Tool Edraw Max

System Requirements: Mac OS; Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista and Citrix; Linux Packages

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