Human Resources Department Organizational Chart Example

Human Resources Department Organizational Chart Example
Human Resource department plays an important role in a company. This section ensures enough qualified people  to be admitted to company and can also performs well. To some extent, HR department exert a tremendous influence on the profits and prosperity of the whole company. Here is a professional and well-designed HR organizational chart. It’s drawn in Org Chart Creator, a fantastic org chart maker tool.
HR organizational chart

It’s featured with:

Plenty of Ready-made Templates

org chart templates

As you can see in the picture, many types of org chart templates are included in this tool like business photo org chart, city org chart, company org chart, department org chart, finical org chart etc. You don’t want to draw the org chart step by step? It’s ok. Select one of them and edit it to your liking. This way, you can have your org chart finished within seconds.


If you are drawing in all by yourself, the auto-layout function may get the whole work much easier. Just one click and all the elements in the canvas stand in the right place.

org chart


Add Files to Org Chart

Imagine if you are making an org chart with massive information and it’s impossible for you to type all the information into the org chart by hand because it’s so time-consuming. No worrying. Org Chart Creator is going to help you. Click Import and upload file you want to add.
org chart


Various Exported Formats

You can save as many other formats like PDF, PS, EPS, PNG, JPG, Html,SVG. You can also send it as an email directly.
org chart exported
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