International Seabed Authority Org Chart: Divisions & Duties

International Seabed Authority Org Chart: Divisions & Duties

International Seabed Authority is one of the United Nations departments. Currently, its headquarter is in Kingston, Jamaica. The authority was set up according to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and the main duty of the organization is to organize and manage programs regarding the resources of the Sea. You can find out more details of the International Seabed Authority by double-clicking on the org chart below.

international seabed authority org chart

Key Divisions in the International Seabed Authority Org Chart

The Secretariat

This part mainly monitors and manages tasks and projects in the field of policies implementations, public relations, protocol issues and more. Besides, the Secretariat also carries out the work of the Contract Management Unite to enhance effective communication between different working groups.

  • Office of Environmental Management and Mineral Resources  This Office offers scientific and technical solutions for the regulations and conduct of related activities. Furthermore, the Office also assists in maintaining information technology equipment for the scientific researches of the deep seabed features.
  • Office of Legal Affairs – The Office offers a wide range of categories of professional legal support in the form of legal conferences or judicial process. The Office also assists in managing official files of the International Seabed Authority.
  • Office for Administrative Services – This Office mainly in charge of managerial and administrative tasks for financial management, budget control, the assessment of member states, human resources management and so on.

The Finance Committee

This section oversees any kinds of financing issues of the International Seabed Authority, meets and reports regularly to the Assembly Office. So far, there are in total 15 member countries of the Committee from a wide area of regional groups with special interests.

The Legal and Technical Commission

This organ of the International Seabed Authority org chart has 30 members based on personal experience in the field of mineral resources, ocean mining management, and related subjects. More specifically, the staff team and researchers may focus on the study of the environmental influence of mining activities and the exploitation of non-living marine resources. Meetings will be held to summarize and report findings to the Council.

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