Department of State Org Chart: Overall View at a Glance

Department of State Org Chart: Overall View at a Glance

Department of State of America aims to ensure the stability of global prosperity and the expansion of liberty. The team will improve strength and our make commitment to various fields including freedom, democracy, personal liberty, and human dignity. The State will also strengthen the global relationships and alliances to align worldwide commitments to meet America’s priorities.

Department of State Org Chart Overview

The Department of State Org Chart has a number of divisions: the Secretary of State; the Executive Secretariat; Deputy Secretary of State; Office of Foreign Assistance; Political Affairs Office; Economic and Energy Office; Arms Control Affairs; Public Diplomacy; Management Division and Civilian Security Office. Besides, there is a series of independent departments such as the Office of the Legal policies, the Office of Civil Rights and so on. You can see a full list for the department of state org chart below:

department of state org chart


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Department of State Org Chart Key Issues Involved

Arms Control and International Security: The department manages the global U.S. security policy, arms control, regional security and defense relations. Other related duties cover setting export control policies. Main aims of doing so are to ensure the international order.

Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights: This division is important in the department of state org chart. It aims to prevent and counter threats to civilian security and weak governance.

Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment: The department leads the State Department’s efforts to undertake global policies related to economic growth, environment, science, and technology.

Management: This is mainly about the State Department’s representative on the President’s Management Council. The Department is also working with the White House Office of Management.

Political Affairs: The team serves as the day-to-day manager of overall regional and bilateral policy affairs from Asian to EU. The staff of the department works closely with U.S. embassies and overseas consulates. What’s more, the team offers efficient managerial solutions for global organizations.

Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs: The division supports the achievement of U.S. foreign policy goals and national interests to ensure national security.

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