Org Chart Maker: The Most Competitive Names for 2018

Org Chart Maker: The Most Competitive Names for 2018

A good org chart maker would bring much convenience to your business. There are some expensive brands for large-scale business, but a number of the alternatives offer even great user experience with cheaper price. Let’s find out them right now.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max as a quite competitive MS Visio player provides professional and handy solutions for different kinds of org chart creations. You can enjoy from the straightforward user interface; large sets of various vector-based org chart templates and symbols; the auto-formatting option; create your charts from external data files, and export to different formats. What’s more, unlike the majority of software, the org chart maker is available even for Linux users based on multi-language set.

Org Chart Maker Edraw Max

Free Download

  • Features: User-friendly interface; Auto-create tools; Rich Pre-set elements
  • Prices: Free Trial available; Full Version no more than $99 annually per user
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


This org chart maker includes different pricing options for startups, middle-sized groups, or even bigger companies. Furthermore, TeamOrgChart applies a useful data security system for your employee details. In more particular, all of your finished org charts will be uploaded confidentially if you done creations based on some other SQL server like Microsoft Office.

Org Chart Maker teamorgchart interface

  • Features: Easy and clear user drawing board; Flexible pricing plans
  • Prices: Free Trial Available; Full version starts from $100 annually per user
  • Platforms: Windows is also a good org chart maker. The software has a quite similar user interface to Google style. You can start drawing easily by a series of innovative functional buttons. All in all, it is an easy-operating org chart software with the good flexibility to store your files. However, could be better if more stylish elements and compatibility choices are added.

Org Chart Maker drawio interface

  • Features: Intuitive User Interface; Low learning curve; Good Flexibility
  • Prices: Free Trial Available
  • Platforms: Web-based


Here comes another web-based org chart maker: Pingboard. A very convenient directory tool is set for you to easily search staff and divisions to further edit names and positions for a single employee. On the other hand, the team could improve the software better if more integration features with other SAAS software are inserted.

Org Chart Maker pingboard interface

Features: Productive Directory Tool; Easy to edit employee details;
Prices:Free Trial Available; Full Version $49 monthly per user
Platforms: Web-based


As a useful org chart maker, MyDraw has good integration feature with the MS Visio files. Like Edraw Max, MyDraw also got plenty sets of premade templates for multiple needs. Besides, you can even put a QR Code for your work when it is necessary to edit it. Overall, the software has good functionality at a budget-free price.

Org Chart Maker mydraw interface

  • Features: Professional Functionality; Easy integration features
  • Prices: Free Trial Available; Lifetime Version for $69 per user
  • Platforms: Windows and Mac

Org Chart Maker Top Brands for 2018 Summary

Now we have checked a number of top recommended org chart makers. Both of these names have advantages and disadvantages, but these are indeed quite good alternatives for those expensive tools. Fancy any of them? Free feel to go for a free download and have a try now.

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