PEO EIS Org Chart: Important Functionality and Key Facts

PEO EIS Org Chart: Important Functionality and Key Facts

The PEO EIS org chart shows the overall organizational structure for the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems. The key mission of the Office is to deliver effective systems and services for the American Force at low cost. PEO EIS aims to be the leader in offering good IT systems solutions for the whole Department of Defense (DoD). You can see more details of the PEO EIS org chart by clicking on the diagram below.

peo eis org chart

Functional Unites of PEO EIS Org Chart

Generally, the PEO EIS consists of a number of offices in the Headquarters, some middle-level divisions and tens of small teams. You can find functional departments, like Enterprise Services, Finance, Human Capital, and Logistics. Each of them is in charges of some PEO EIS national programs. Feel free to check more specific roles of these sub-divisions as below:

  • The Communications sub-division of the PEO EIS org chart offers support for the worldwide American Army in any locations or areas.
  • The Enterprise Service part improves international cooperation via the cloud computing system.
  • The Finance team provides cost-effectiveness solutions for complex accounting programs.
  • The Human Capital team trains staff and manages pay and performance.
  • The Logistics part of the PEO EIS org chart offers professional real-time visibility and assistants for the operational decision-making process.
  • The Networks team develops operational effectiveness via a series of modernization information technology projects.

Unknown Facts behind the PEO EIS Org Chart

Currently, PEO EIS has more than 30 acquisition programs with a wide range of functional domains. Every year PEO EIS supports billions of U.S. dollars in IT projects in the U.S.A and around worldwide locations. U.S. Army benefits from the programs of PEO EIS in many aspects: logistics, medical, finance, accounting, global asset management, human resource management, and operations. So far, a large number of modern infrastructure equipment are built to develop domestic network connectivity.

The establishment of the U.S. Army Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a good example of the PEO EIS programs that are not shown in the PEO EIS org chart. The system is for innovative logistics and global financial assets management.  More features and functions are planned to be improved in the future, such as the delivery of operational fidelity, the audit compliance and so on.

Wanna Create A PEO EIS Org Chart?

The process is easy even for diagram design beginners. Just check this guide for more: Org chart creator. Alternatively, you can use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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