United Nations Environment Programme UNEP Org Chart with Insights

United Nations Environment Programme UNEP Org Chart with Insights

The United Nations Environment Programme ( UNEP) is the world leading environmental organization that determines worldwide regulations for environmental issues and improves the implementation of sustainable development within the United Nations (UN). You can check out more details of the UNEP org chart as below.

united nations environment programme unep

Key Duties of the United Nations Environment Programme

UNEP aims to lead its member countries by inspiring and informing related strategies and policies in order to strengthen their quality of living space. More specific work duties of the programme include:

  • assessing both international and domestic level of environmental conditions.
  • carrying out studies in a wide range of thematic subjects such as natural disasters, climate changes, the analysis of ecosystem, chemical materials, environmental governance and so on.
  • cooperates with civil societies or business partners to discuss issues.

United Nations Environment Programme Important Divisions

Overall, UNEP has a number of worldwide offices and seven important functional divisions those can be categorized into the following aspects:

The Evaluation Office

This Office of the United Nations Environment Programme normally works on the practice of evaluation in the United Nations system. The Officer also build advanced strategic solutions for both medium-term and long-term development and generate reports for the database of project and portfolio management.

Communication Division

This part of the United Nations Environment Programme mainly focuses on the effectiveness of communications of global environmental messages. The division aims to deliver the latest info to citizens, partners, and stakeholders based on both online and offline channels. Such voices may also have an influence on the policy-making process.

Corporate Services and Economy

These two sections in the United Nations Environment Programme monitor the risks, offers plans for effective environmental management, and provides practices for economic decision-makers. Furthermore, some sub-topics of the economic analysis may cover from chemical resources to energy markets.

Governance, Law, and Policy

These divisions of the United Nations Environment Programme help member countries and partners to engage with global environmental regulations. For example, managing members states meetings, leads the related communities and groups in developing environmental laws and cooperates with member states to combat environmental crime.

Ecosystems and Science

The technical science part mainly assists member countries in restoring and maintaining sustainable development in the form of timely data assessments. More topics may include the analysis of causes and results of natural disasters, the study of pollution from land-based activities, the relationship between environment and poverty etc.

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