Workforce Planning Organizational Chart – What Is It about?

Workforce Planning Organizational Chart – What Is It about?

Workforce planning is crucial to organizational human resources management. How much do you know about the concept? Have you ever undertaken any steps to do your own workforce planning? Let’s find out today with an organizational chart example.

What is Workforce Planning?

Generally, it is a continual process used to align the requirements of the organization in order to meet organizational objectives. Workforce planning usually based on development strategies, systematic identification and detailed analysis of an organization in terms of its size and skills of its workforce. Moreover, the cycle of workforce planning usually in line with the business planning cycle within an organization. Here is a workforce planning organizational chart example:

workforce planning organizational chart example

Why Do We Need Workforce Planning?

A successful workforce planning would help your team hire the top talent in your particular field. Besides, some other benefits are:

  • Forecasting conditions in your organization according to trends;
  • Finding out current staffing competencies for future needs;
  • Exploring new methods to build up your organization;
  • Examing and solving both internal and external challenges;
  • Establish streamlined recruitment plans for budget controlling;
  • Benefits for both organizational annual reports and shareholder meetings;

Through these evaluations, your organization will be able to decide what you’ll need in the future to reach your goals. Your team will also be able to avoid potential and unexpected problems down the line in the long run.

How to Undertake a Workforce Planning Process?

Normally, you should do the following steps to achieve an effective workforce planning outcome:

  1. Strategic Direction –  This is to understand your main goals and objectives;
  2. Workforce Analysis – This is to exam the current workforce based on different time periods;
  3. Requirements Analysis – Find out the needs of your organization;
  4. Gap Analysis – This step helps to determine top priority gaps;
  5. Examing Solutions – This step helps you to explore more about your organizational workforce;
  6. Rechecking the Overall Process – Once done the past steps, you should monitor the solutions in order to continuously improve your organizational workforce;

How to Create a Workforce Planning Organizational Chart Easily?

So far, we have discussed the basic concept, key benefits, and key steps to carry out workforce planning. Now, you may wonder how to create a workforce planning organizational chart conveniently? It’s more than easy to do so by using an easy org chart creator. Simply go to the Views Options>Workforce Planning then you will be able to edit employee details in each shape. You can also add your own customized employee information for your current organizational chart. Have a try right now to enjoy the advanced human resources management functions!

workforce planning function

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