How to Create a Hotel Org Chart

How to Create a Hotel Org Chart

There is at least one hotel can be found in almost every city in any developed country. Some of them may be composed of large chains, franchises or privately-owned facilities.

It’s reported that two-thirds of the world market is occupied by service-related industry. In order to carry out its mission, and ensure the smooth operation, every hotel company shall build a formal structure to achieve supervision and the management of employees. We call this very structure org chart. It can indicate the reporting relationships clearly and help to facilitate the working efficiency. The figure above is a good example of hotel org chart.

hotel org chart

How to Create It with Org Chart Creator

I use Org Chart Creator to finish this nice hotel org chart, which is a professional and well-designed software made for drawing org chart. It can make the drawing process quite simple.

There are two ways to create it:

  • Get started with templates.
  • Try to make it all by yourself.

The former way is easy and convenient. Since dozens of wonderful templates are embraced in this software, all you have to do is to choose the most suitable one and then shape it as required. Just a single click, you can change the theme, replace the background with your ideal picture, and rearrange elements. With simple operation such as dragging and dropping, you can adjust size and distribution of shapes or boxes.

org chart software interface

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With regards to the latter, it would be a little more complex. Firstly of all, you have to select Libraries, toolkits needed to create the org chart. Then you have to drag boxes, shapes, or arrows from the Libraries. Type words to the boxes. You can polish your boxes in color, style, shadow, and filling.

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