DOE Org Chart: Looking Into the America Department of Energy

DOE Org Chart: Looking Into the America Department of Energy

DOE Org Chart: Basic Ideas

The Doe org chart reflects the structure of the United States Department of Energy, which is a Cabinet-level governmental division of the U.S.A. DOE targets on the policies about energy and safety especially for nuclear material. Main duties of the department include managing national nuclear weapons projects, monitoring nuclear material production, development for energy subjects and so on. Here you can see one of the examples of a DOE org chart.

doe org chart

Furthermore, DOE assistants a lot in research and analysis of energy fields, and many of them are conducted in domestic labs. So far, the department has carried out more research especially in the physical sciences than any other America federal departments.

DOE Org Chart: What Kind of Sub-divisions Are Included?

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

It is a national level laboratory that belongs to the Energy Office of Fossil Energy. The lab analyses the usages of domestic energy resources; offering R&D on the energy supply, and maintaining environmental affordability. Currently, NETL has a wide range of sub-offices in the U.S.A. with over 1,000 staffs. Normally, a number of foreign nations are also involved in research.

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

NREL, which is shown in the DOE org chart, specializes in renewable energy and energy efficiency. NREL is a contractor-operated facility so it has the right to carry out researches on behalf of the federal government. Research topics of the department normally include systems integration and sustainable transportation, and all these activities are supported by Congress.

Albany Research Center

The center is a U.S. Department of Energy laboratory that specializes in life cycle research filed, such as the formulation, characterization of energy materials; the recycle and remediation of waste streams and so on. Industrial issues are solved with a series of steps like investigating and casting physical or chemical resources. Some other tests of materials have analyzed by different kinds of equipment and analytical techniques.

Do You Know How to Create A DOE Org Chart?

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