Human Resources Matrix Org Chart: Essential Points

Human Resources Matrix Org Chart: Essential Points

Unlike traditional organizational chart structure, human resources matrix org chart has no direct boss at the top level but has several different projects happening at the same time for employees to report to different managers. Now, let’s find out more about the matrix type. Also, you may want to learn more about using a matrix org chart with more matrix org chart templates and examples.

Human Resources Matrix Org Chart – What Is It About?

Human resources matrix organizational charts have a chain of commands on each assignment-based level, encouraging team members to work cross-functionally to finish projects. Flexible changes can also be made when priorities shift in matrix organizational structure.

Here is an example of human resources matrix org chart: In reality, for a software development, different staffs from functional departments (e.g. UI design, Java, testers etc.) may report and be assigned by different projects, such as a mobile application or online versions.

  Human Resources Matrix Org Chart Template

Human resources matrix template (Click on image to enlarge it)

When to Use an Human Resources Matrix?

  • General daily communications and assignments between mid-level management and employees on different projects and departments;
  • When it is not easy to communicate through informal or organic methods, for example, quarterly syncs;
  • Fits well for teams that have more than one reporting lines, e.g. a software product manager may both report to the marketing team and the IT team.

What Kind of Benefits Can HR Matrix Bring to Your Business?

  • The human resources matrix org chart structure easily streamlines all the approval process to speed up the overall project progress;
  • Encourages more team communications between members on a regular basis;
  • Practice the multi-task skill of each team member by balancing the goals set by different project managers;
  • More autonomy for individual employees to make decisions;

basic matrix org chart template

Human resources matrix template (Click on image to see more details)

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What Kind of Challenges You May Face?

Surely, human resources matrix is not universal for all business, so you should have a clear process for dealing with conflicts both within, or without a specific project team.

In the Case of within a Project Team

For a particular online holiday deals activity at an international wholesale website, a marketer and an IT staff may have conflict views of displaying more product descriptions. A better solution for such cases is to integrate feedback and analyze big data from different customer groups from professional marketing tools like Google Analytics.

In the Case of without a Project Team

Employees from functional departments, such business strategies analysists, may have to deal with tensions between themselves and specialists within their company. It is not easy to schedule and participates all the ongoing events for more than one management groups.

How to Achieve the Human Resources Matrix Structure?

You should be aware of the following key points when using the matrix framework in order to successfully in navigating the internal complexities and achieving functional specialization:

  • Try to start from the small scale of the matrix pattern, and scale up in the future if necessary. When it referring to HR matrix, there is no one-size-fits-all solution;
  • More complex matrix organizational structures require significant help from HR specialists;
  • Set up roles for handling all the detailed transactional activities and managing internal employee relationships if needed;
  • Make sure that external partners or companies have a single point of contact with your team/organization;
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