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Advantages of Matrix Org Chart

A matrix org chart is one of the most complicated org charts a company can adopt but as well as the most useful one. This article is aimed to make a brief introduction to org chart mainly on definition and advantages.

matrix org chart


A matrix org chart is a very common organizational structure many companies follow especially the enterprise of internet industry. It is formed with grid or matrix. Besides hierarchy, employees are divided into teams by projects, which means workers have dual reporting relationship-a functional manager and a project manager.



In a matrix org chart, staffers can get help in skill and profession from the functional managers and report to project manager who sets directions on specific. This org chart has some advantages:

  • Experts and equipment can be shared across projects to achieve high utilization rate in resources.
  • Products and projects are formally coordinated across functional departments.
  • Information flows can be accelerated since it spreads across and up through the company.
  • Employees get involved in more communication with others which can facilitate information sharing and decision making.
  • Competition among project teams can avail staffers’ motivation.



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How to Create a Matrix Org Chart with Org Chart Creator

Matrix org chart is a type of diagram in which people are divided into levels by administrative power meanwhile workers can also be grouped by projects. Several people get involved in a project, forming project team. And the whole company may consist of tens of project teams. There is no superiority or coordination between any two project team. Every team project is equal and independent.

The figure below is a good example of matrix org chart. Next, I will show you how to make a matrix org chart with Org Chart Creator, which is professional software for creating org chart just as its name tells.

matrix org chart 1. Download our software.

2. Add shapes onto your drawing page.

org chart

Open Libraries, click Organizational Chart, and select Organizational Chart Shapes and Custom Organizational Chart. You can see many well-designed shapes on the left toolbar.

org chart

Drag shapes you want and drop them on the canvas. Then you can add text and polish the shapes as you like.

In Home tab, apply style to your shapes of the matrix org chart.

org chart

Add effects to your shapes such as shadow and filling.

org chart

3. Connect these shapes.

In Home tab, in Basic Tools, select Connector. Use your mouse to link boxes together.

org chart

org chart

4. Apply theme to your matrix org chart.

Click Page Layout, you will see many themes. Click it one by one to preview effects and choose the best one to apply to your chart.

org chart themes

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The Function of Matrix Org Chart

Matrix org chart is a type of organizational structure combined functional framework with projected one. In accordance with Project Management Body of Knowledge, the level of authority project managers can own determines the strength of the matrix organization, to some extent.

Matrix Org Chart Example

If the strong matrix org chart is adopted in a company, project managers are empowered to have full control of the project in the whole project life-span. They are entitled to direct and supervise the entire team to get the project done on time.

While in a weak matrix org chart,  project managers have pretty limited authority. They are not in a position to command the team members to do any task. We would like to consider project managers in this case as project coordinators and the relation between the project team and manager is not leadership but collaboration.

Matrix org chart is a key diagram for human resource department. In this organizational structure, a number of people stay on the same level of management but work on different projects. It is very helpful for staff management compared with other types of org chart like horizontal org chart, hierarchic org chart, and functional org chart. Matrix org chart makes it possible that everyone skilled can be matched with the right project to achiever both individual progress and enterprise development.

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Matrix Org Chart Example

Many project-based companies need to apply the matrix organizational structure as they need responsive and effective participation of people from different function units to finish a project.

Here presents a matrix org chart example for an electronic products company.

Matrix Org Chart Example

How to make a matrix org chart?

It’s easy to make a matrix org chart like this one if you have the right tool in hand. Org Chart Creator contains a broad collection of shapes used for making professional organizational charts. Many users love to use it because it’s both easy and fast. Dragging and dropping; auto formatting; and easy costomizing; all the features make org chart creator far way ahead of other programs.

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Matrix Org Chart Templates

Matrix org chart has double tunnel command system. It’s made up of functional departments and the project teams for temporary purposes. To make a quality matrix organizational chart, the easiest way is always starting from templates. Here we will introduce some nice-looking matrix organizational chart templates from Org Chart Creator.

Use our free matrix org chart templates to create and customize matrix organizational chart for your business. This page offers several matrix org charts with different types and designs. Download Org Chart Creator and you will have these templates and even better ones. See how Org Chart Creator is great in making all kinds of org charts.

Template 1:

Matrix Org Chart Template
Template 2:
Matrix Org Chart Template 2
Template 3:
Matrix Organizational Chart
Template 4:
Matrix Org Chart Templates 3
Template 5:
Matrix Org Chart

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General Introduction to Matrix Organizational Chart

Matrix Org Chart

Matrix organizational chart is composed of functional departments and the project teams for completing some temporary tasks. It’s a double tunnel command system. People have different roles and report to multiple managers. For example, when a project team wants to develop a new product, they will need to use personnel from the functional departments, such as engineering, research, and marketing. The personnel are under command of both the project team and their own departments.


It’s easy to allocate resources between functional units and projects. Functional units focus on managing employees in their field, while project teams can focus on achieving the goals of a specific project.

Employees in functional departments are very skilled in their specialized fields. All experts from various functional areas are ready to be in position whenever project teams need supports.

Since the matrix combines two communities together, employees have opportunities to learn from each other and grown their career. It allows employees to create a more cooperative working environment, so as to make the organization more integrated. Therefore, the project team can better handle difficult issues and complex challenges.


Unfixed location of the members may lead to temporary weak responsibility.

Employees are supervised under both functional units and project team, which may cause conflict.

Employee may have high workload because additional project work will be added in addition to their regular work.

As they use mutual resources, it’s easy to cause conflict when the resource is in shortage. They need to define the priorities in advance.

There will be large overhead cost due to the excessive paper work and information collection.

Matrix Org Chart Templates 3

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