IBM Org Chart: More Than A World Leading Tech Firm

IBM Org Chart: More Than A World Leading Tech Firm

IBM Org Chart: Enterprise Profile

The IBM org chart refers to the corporate structure of the International Business Machines Corporation.  It is an American multinational technology enterprise. So far IBM has developed services and business in over 160 worldwide nations and locations. Currently, the firm has over 370,000 employees and some of them have won Nobel Prizes and some other national rewards in technology and science. Below you can see an IBM org chart example.

ibm org chart

The most important service of IBM is computer hardware, software, hosting and consulting fields. IBM also has its own research and analysis activities. The company has invented a series of well-known machines, such as the automated teller machine (ATM), the PC, the floppy disk, the hard disk drive, the SQL programming language and so on.

IBM Org Chart: Main Departments

Research & Analysis

The research and analysis department is quite important in the IBM org chart. The enterprise currently owns the world’s biggest research center and has established more than 10 worldwide researching labs covering the Asian, American and EU areas. Every year the research expenditure of IBM is over billions of dollars. In early years, IBM focused on the analysis of open source questions and Linux OS. In recent days, the firm is trying to find out the best solutions for academic software uses.

Service & Products Team

The IBM services and products divisions are on quite a large scale those providing categories of cloud computing, cognitive computing, commerce, Internet of Things, mobile applications and user security. Furthermore, the firm has been witnessed a fast development in cloud data service, like the Cloud Data Encryption Services (ICDES), that uses cryptographic splitting to secure users’ data.

services in the ibm org chart

Some other advanced technological fields those IBM has reached including the gaming industry, IT outsourcing, and some public sectors. The firm has operated its console gaming systems on Xbox 360 devices and PlayStation 3. The IT outsourcing services offered by IBM has covered over 38 global nations. The company offers great solutions for socially sustainable development, public buildings and so on.

Marketing & Public Relations

The marketing history of IBM is over 100 years. IBM has strengthened its marketing activities with some other world-leading partners, for example, the Masters Tournament, a famous professional golf championship. Some other well-known sports events those IBM has been supported including the U.S. Open and the Olympic Games. In recent years, the company has been regarded as the world top valuable brand.

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