NAVSEA Org Chart: How Does the Naval Sea Systems Operates

NAVSEA Org Chart: How Does the Naval Sea Systems Operates

What Is the NAVSEA Org Chart About?

The NAVSEA org chart shows the overall organizational structure of the American Naval Sea Systems Command. It has the largest scale of all the U.S. Navy systems commands. NAVSEA currently has four shipyards and a number of both undersea and surface research centers. The main aim of the organization is to develop, manage and assist the equipment of U.S. Navy. So far, NAVSEA has over one hundred undergoing projects. Feel free to check the NAVSEA org chart diagram below.

navsea org chart sample

NAVSEA Org Chart: Main Branches

NAVSEA has more dispersed organizational pattern than some other American federal government agencies or institutions. Here you can see some of the key sub-divisions.

Naval Surface Warfare Center

Such center provides professional resources and staff, such as technical operations, people, engineering support and products, for the national surface ship, submarine systems, and subsystems. The main goal of the Center is to ensure the stable development of all the national undersea resources.

Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC)

The NUWC in the NAVSEA org chart is the center for the majority of research, evaluation, engineering operations, and assistance for national underwater systems. It also offers support for domestic weapons systems for any kinds of undersea resources. NUWC has some sub-labs across the Islands of the U.S.A.

Washington Navy Yard (WNY)

This part in the NAVSEA org chart is the oldest shore establishment of the whole U.S. Navy. Currently, WNY operates as an administrative center for the U.S. Navy, so it manages and monitors the headquarters of a series of important Commands, like the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Naval History and Heritage Command and so on.

Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY)

NNSY, which has a history of over hundreds of years, is for building and repairing the ships of the U.S. Navy. The Shipyard has been rebuilt through the American war history.

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