The Best Organogram Maker Software You Should Know

The Best Organogram Maker Software You Should Know

Organogram is a type of diagram where graphics are applied to show the relation of workers and layout of management within the organization such as company and department. Compared with text description, organizational chart can illustrate the complex relation more vividly, clearly and briefly. You can easily create any org charts with an organogram maker.

Organogram Maker interface

If you worked in the human resources department, you are bound to make organogram because you have to know the whole picture of the management of your company. Organogram Maker is the best solution for you.

edraw mac Organogram Maker

Org Chart Creator is professional software made for organogram drawing, which has earned worldwide acclaim. It has abundant nice templates inside including Business Organogram, Company Organogram, Family Tree, and Custom Organogram. You can select any one of them for a quick start.

Organogram Maker templates

You can also select from a wide range of preset icons and shapes like below. All of these elements are editable by using the Pencil or Pen drawing tool of the organogram maker.

Organogram Maker elements

Wondering how to stylize your org chart? No worry, simply go to the Current Theme section to quickly switch between different styles. Alternatively, you can check the Colors, Fonts, Effects and Connectors at the right hand side of the user interface.

Organogram Maker features

Moreover, you can finish your organogram very fast with the help of the super function such as: auto-layout, auto-align, and auto-distribution. Besides, you can get your drawing exported to many other formats like: PDF, PS, EPS, PNG, JPG, Html, SVG.

export org charts

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