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Top 5 Best Org Chart Software for Mac

Organization charts is getting more and more popular now because a strong organizational chart keeps your business running smoothly with a clear plan for overcoming obstacles. With more and more people switching to Mac, there is also a growing need for organizational charts software on Mac. This article just collected top five org chart software for mac users.

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What’s the Purpose of Organizational Chart

Wondering what’s the purpose of organizational chart? Read this article and you will find the answer and organize your business better.

What Is Organizational Chart

An organizational chart is a graphical representation of the roles, responsibilities and relationship between individuals within an organization and it is a simple way to visualize how work flows within a business. It can be used to depict the structure of an organization as a whole or broken down by departments or units.

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Top 5 Organizational Chart Program 2017

Looking for a professional and easy-to-use organizational chart program but do not know which program to choose? This article will introduce the top 5 organizational chart program 2017 and hope you can find what you want.

1. Edraw Max

Edraw Max is an organizational chart program which is fully compatible with Microsoft and its similar interface with Microsoft helps users get started quickly.

Its cross-platform feature makes it available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It is such a time-saving and energy-saving org chart program that it has prepared abundant org chart shapes and templates for users to drag, drop and edit. No matter users want to start a quick drawing or start from scratch, Edraw Max can satisfy you any time and help you create a professional organizational chart in minutes. Furthermore, it supports exporting org charts to commonly used file formats which enables users to share their charts with just one button.

Edraw Max

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What is an Organogram -Definition & Purpose

Definition of Organogram

Organogram is an intuitive reflection of organization structure, one of the most common diagram to illustrate the relation among departments, superiors and subordinates vividly and briefly. It is defined as a top-bottom, with icon list, architecture diagram which can automatically increase vertical level. Organogram shows the correlation among organizational unit in the form of graphics and it provides great convenience for people to view detailed information of organizational units as well as the associated position and personnel.

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The Best Organogram Maker Software You Should Know

Organogram is a type of diagram where graphics are applied to show the relation of workers and layout of management within the organization such as company and department. Compared with text description, organizational chart can illustrate the complex relation more vividly, clearly and briefly. You can easily create any org charts with an organogram maker.

Organogram Maker interface

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Film Production Organogram Chart Sample: Ready-to-Use for You

This image is a sample of film production organogram chart from which you can clearly know the construction of a film crew and have a general understand of how the film is produced step by step. This chart is created in Org Chart Creator, a professional tool for org chart drawing. If you are interested, you can download our software and have a try of creating any org chart you like.

It’s pretty easy to use this tool. For more manipulation, go to Customize Organogram Chart Easily.

Film Production Organogram Chart

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5 Elements of Organizational Structure Design

Organizational chart is a kind of diagram used to show the layout of personnel in a company, which tells us all the links between anyone in the organization. With this awesome chart, you can check for useful information as quickly as possible. It’s convenient for stuff to cooperate with each other. There are 5 key elements you have to keep in mind when drawing an organizational chart.

Work Specialization

Work specialization means the specific degree the employee has acquired. This element is often used to measure how task in an organization has been assigned to each person for most of the time the entire job can not be done by one individual. Work specialization plays a important role in the direction of assignment distribution. That’s why specialization is called one of the most significant elements in organizational chart structure design.

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Create Org Chart with Photos Easily

Create an org chart with photos for your organization easily and quickly with a powerful org chart creator. Just start from ready-made templates so that you can save precious time.

Presenting your employees an org chart that includes photos of all members is a great way to reduce the tendency towards isolationism. This article firstly shows you how to achieve an amazing org chart with pictures from scratch. Then, you can learn how to take advantage of our well-formatted org chart templates.

1. The first step is to collect and organize all employees’ photos.

  • Note that it is advisable to use only businesslike and professional pjotoes.
  • Name the photos with the last name of the employee.
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Photo Org Chart Templates: Stunning Ones You Should Have

Here are some org chart with pictures templates for your reference. These templates are well designed, perfectly aligned, spaced and colored. See the following screenshots.

photo org charts

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How to Choose the Best Org Chart Creator

You need to think about many factors except for price when choosing the best org chart creator. The cheap and powerful org chart will be the desired option. As for the usability, an effective org chart creator should include the following capabilities.

  1. Data Import Function

Usually, many companies have already saved an Excel file of the employees’ information. A good org chart creator must offer data import function. Through this function, users can turn the Excel file into a visual org chart instantly. Thus saves both time and effort.

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