Powerpoint Org Chart Alternatives: Way to End Low Productivity

Powerpoint Org Chart Alternatives: Way to End Low Productivity

Wanna check some good choices for Powerpoint Org Chart alternatives? Confusing about which fits your needs best? Simply go through this article for more info about top powerpoint org chart alternatives.

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a good powerpoint org chart alternative that can be used on all the three operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is a great visualization software to create org chart diagrams for small to large scale enterprises. The dashboard is similar with Microsoft that helps users get started conveniently. The software also has rich preset org chart symbols and templates and users can edit all of these elements based on their own preference. One of the weak points for the software is its searching tool of the Libraries does not work well sometimes.

Powerpoint Org Chart Alternative Edraw Max

  • Features: Easy-to-use Interface; SlideShow Function for Meetings; Rich Per-set Icons
  • Prices: Free Version; Full Version $99 monthly
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux


This powerpoint org chart alternative is especially for human resource management, and it did have org chart functions for sorting employee. Overall it is intuitive and helps organizes the organizational system into a user interface that makes sense. However when you integrates to the ATS tool into your website, you can’t easily change colors to match the branding. Additionally, some features are not quite effective in Canada.

bamboohr interface

  • Features: Easy to use; Intuitive interface
  • Prices: Free Trail Available
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac

Ingentis org.manager

It is a powerpoint org chart alternative allows for enhancing org charts with integrated key performance figures, such as headcounts, gender groups, absence data and so on. Moreover, you can create and define the layout of your organogram. Unluckily, so far this software only has online version so in the future I hope the desktop versions could be added.

ingentis manager interface

  • Features: Simple user interface; Good HR management tool
  • Prices: Free Trail Available
  • Platforms: Web-based


It’s easy to use and very self-explanatory. However, employee management features are limited. For example, there is no function for employees to electronically sign in a performance management system. Moreover, The user interface needs to be improved to show more clear functions. On the other hand, there is many options to input data or customize reviews.

performsmart interface

  • Features: Highly self-explanatory; Easy for beginners
  • Prices: Free Demo Available
  • Platforms: Web-based


Overall this powerpoint org chart alternative is very easy to use with good functionality. You can track employee details and their career developments. However the discussion forum seems to be a bit useless. And the software needs more flexibility especially in terms of report-making. I could not generate my own reports, so only preset templates in the libraries. One more thing is the interface design is quite old for many years. Therefore, it maybe out of date for some new users.

visionflow interface

  • Features: Good functionality; Easy to track details
  • Prices: Free Trial Available; Full Version starts from $23 monthly
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac
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