SDOT Org Chart: Explore the Seattle Department of Transportation

SDOT Org Chart: Explore the Seattle Department of Transportation

SDOT Org Chart: Basic Concept

The SDOT org chart represents the organizational structure of the Seattle Department of Transportation. The key mission of SDOT is to offer advanced transportation services for Seattle city. In Seattle, around one-fourth of the land has streets, sidewalks, and some other public roadways. The trend of using public space in the city seems to grow continuously. Therefore, SDOT is always looking for the most effective solutions for networking citizens, places and buildings. Here you can see a diagram example of SDOT org chart.

sdot org chart

SDOT Org Chart: What Kind of Sub-divisions are Included?

Doing a job, like improving and maintaining city public transportation system, is not easy. As you can see from the above diagram, a wide range of topics, issues, and factors should be involved and analyzed. You may notice some departments. such as Finance, Human resources, or Project Management, in the SDOT org chart are quite similar to those where you can find in business org charts. This is mainly because SDOT needs to analyze the overall safety, the budget for public projects and so on.

Director’s Office

The office checks and monitors the overall activities and tasks for staff and services. Sometimes the sub-division also cooperates with other governmental or business agencies, such as the Seattle City Council and the public relations media groups.

Finance and Administration Division

The team assists SDOT by offering professional improvements for financial and accounting, information technology, human resources management, Minority Business issues, safety management, project management and so on.

Transit and Mobility Division

This part in an SDOT org chart aims to develop transportation choices as well as managing parking supply for better sustainability. Daily works of the division cover transit planning and transit services; streetcar planning and operations; transit capital project management; the management of public on-street parking space, and some other related projects.

Street Use Division

The Street Use part mainly permits for construction of public roadways for the growing needs in the city. Subway utilities in street areas and private properties may also be involved for programs of the Street Use division.

How Could I Draw an SDOT Org Chart Like This One?

Here you can see a very detailed guide to the professional and handy Org Chart Creator or you can try this professional yet easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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