State Department Org Chart: Highlights & Key Divisions

State Department Org Chart: Highlights & Key Divisions

U.S. State Department Org Chart: Background Information

The State Department org chart shows the institutional framework of the United States Department of State. It is the leading federal department in the American government. Generally, the State Division has a series of daily duties: suggests the U.S. President to participant international meetings and affairs; builds a good relationship with other foreign nations for international meetings and global issues and so on. Feel free to check the diagram below for more details of the State Department org chart.

US state department org chart

U.S. State Department Org Chart: Dominant Divisions

United States Deputy Secretary of State

The Deputy Secretary of State supports the Secretary of State for daily political issues, and the former one acts as a backup sub-division for the latter one. The Deputy Secretary has full legal rights to act for the Secretary in an emergency.

Legal Adviser of the Department of State

This part of the State Department org chart was established several decades ago. In the past, the Legal Adviser act as the role of the Solicitor in the Department of Justice. Currently, the Legal Adviser offers assistance on all regulation problems.

Office of the Inspector General (OIG)

OIG operates is an independent office with the main duty to against fraud and mismanagement issues. Every year, OIG inspects a large number of diplomatic files in worldwide areas to follow-up the political goals of the American government. Some other important responsibilities of the Inspector General include monitoring domestic resources to offer useful protection to related sectors and parties.

Bureau of Intelligence and Research (INR)

INR that is shown in the State Department org chart is an intelligence agency. It offers all-source intelligence support to American federal institutions. For example, for some wars in recent decades, INR did research and assessment based on war theory.

Under Secretary of State for Management

This sub-division mainly serves as the top adviser within the State Department of American. It provides solutions for the allocation and uses of the federal budget and assets; does human resource management and carries out daily administration. The Management team is appointed by the U.S. President.

United States Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC)

The Coordinator that included in the State Department org chart is responsible for checking international AIDS programs. OGAC leads the operations of many American AIDS emergency plans for international health initiative. So far, such plans have supported worldwide developing countries to fight against AIDS.

Why not Draw the State Department Org Chart?

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