TSA Org Chart Insights: the American Transportation Security Admin

TSA Org Chart Insights: the American Transportation Security Admin

The TSA org chart shows the overall organizational structure for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. TSA belongs to one of the federal agencies of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The main duty of TSA is to monitor and manage any national security issues regarding air travel in the U.S. The Administration has some important authority to carry out programs and actions in airports, on planes and some other public areas. Here is a diagram of the TSA org chart.

tsa org chart example

TSA Org Chart Details

So far, TSA has a total number of 19 offices: 4 for the Deputy Administrator; 2 for the Chief of Staff; 6 for the Chief of Operations and 7 for the Chief of Mission Support. Besides, you can find 14 Assistant Administrators and 5 Acting Assistant Administrators in the TSA org chart. Summaries of key duties for the dominant TSA offices are:

Administrator & Deputy Administrator

These two parts play the leading role within the TSA. The Chief Administrator monitors threats regarding transportation security and controls over the whole TSA. The Deputy Admin Officer assists the Administrator exercising power over air transportation security.

Chief of Staff

This sub-section in the TSA org chart mainly offers strategic solutions and advice on legal policy issues. The Legislative Affairs Office improves and carries out solutions to meet congressional approval. The Communication Office shares information with both internal and external parties regularly.

Chief of Operations

The Chief of Operations is responsible for offering managerial and technical suggestions for different operational divisions in TSA. For example, the Office of Global Strategies (OGS) analyzes, determines and mitigates risk for worldwide areas. In the case of a new threat, OGS normally cooperates with overseas governments and international institutions to against any potential attacks.

Chief of Mission Support

This part of the TSA org chart has the largest number of sub-offices. It is designed for improving services in the areas of human resources management, acquisition and procurement, logistics, and other related fields.

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