USPS Org Chart: Key Positions of the Postal Service

USPS Org Chart: Key Positions of the Postal Service

The USPS Org chart refers to the United States Postal Service agency. It is an independent federal department responsible for offering nationwide postal services. The mail service of the American government has a quite long history since three hundred years ago. The very first Postmaster General was Benjamin Franklin, who created the U.S. Post Office Department. Now USPS agency has over 600,000 staff from all over the American states and local offices. Feel free to check the following USPS org chart for more details.

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USPS Org Chart Key Positions

Postmaster General and Chief Executive Officer

The main duty of this role is to develop transformative strategies for the further investment in the Postal Service. Under the leadership of the Postmaster General, a series of advanced data and technology have been operated for the service innovations.

Deputy Postmaster General and Chief Government Relations Officer

The Deputy Officer facilitates relationships with other important federal government departments in the U.S.A as the Postal Service achieve its key business goals. The role also contributes the Universal Postal Union.

Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President

The Chief Operating Leader in the USPS org chart leads the ongoing improvement of the overall American postal network operations and the allocations of staff and resources.

Acting Chief Customer and Marketing Officer

The Marketing Office is responsible for the marketing management of all domestic and global products. Some other duties of the role include the management of the Customer Relations, Product Innovation, Global Business and so on.

Chief Financial Officer

The role leads the USPS’s financial and accounting strategies and the supply management policies. Currently, the annual revenue of the Postal Service has over $65 billion.

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Info Office aims to offer innovative solutions for a wide range of topics, such as business analytics, mail intelligence, information security, payment technology and more.

How Could I Create the USPS Org Chart?

Just check out this guide Org chart creator for more features and essential tips. Alternatively, feel free to use this easy org chart creator for more advanced settings and management of your business teams.

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