How to Create a School Org Chart Easily?

How to Create a School Org Chart Easily?

A good school org chart can make a school perform well and yield good results. As you can see in the picture, the principle has the top authority and superintendent is in charge of school daily operation.  Superintendent is expected to report in principle and follow his orders.  Then Deputy Superintendent, Academic Dean, Administrative Dean, and Information Technology Director are responsible for specific aspects of school respectively. The following part is a guide to make a school org chart with Org Chart Creator, a wonderful software for org chart drawing.

school org chart


Open Organizational Chart Templates

You can start by selecting some preset templates from the Libraries. Simply go to Organizational Chart > Shapes. Then you can drag and drop the shape to your drawing page.

org chart add topics

Add More Boxes

You can insert more text boxes by clicking the button close to the grey box.

add more topics in org chart

Set Display Options

Display options are easy to set. You can adjust the size, photo position or the directions of your drawing.

set display options in org chart

set display in org charts

Polish Your Boxes

Stylish boxes make your org chart looks great. You can switch the color, shape, position or directions for your boxes.

polish org chart

set lines in org chart

Layout of Org Chart

There are several different layout types for you to choose. You can let the sub-topics go either left or right.

set layouts in org chart

Change Themes

Just go to Page Layout > Themes then you can see a list of various theme types for your diagram!

change theme in org chart

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